Disposable Pastry Bags - 100 bag roll


*Emma and I recently made these homemade Eclairs.  They were so delicious and much easier than I anticipated!   These piping bags were used both for piping the dough onto the tray and for filling them with custard.   I'll share the recipe soon!  For now, here is the supplies : 

Large Piping Bags

Parchment Paper

Large Sheet Pan


These disposable bags make decorating cupcakes and cookies so easy.  I don't even use a tip with them most of the time - just snip off the end for pretty swirled cupcakes or iced sugar cookies.

These are now coming in a roll of 100 - that stays nice and neat in your kitchen drawer... instead of loose bags floating around.  

I use the 12" bags for decorating cookies.  The 18" bags are great for cupcake frosting or muffin batter.

One of my favorite shortcuts that I use almost every week, is to make a large batch of muffin batter and keep it in the fridge or freezer in a Disposable Piping Bag.  If we want fresh baked muffins, I just get the bag out of the fridge in the morning, snip off the end, squeeze the batter into muffin papers, and in 15 minutes we have warm, buttery Banana Muffins.

If you keep the batter in the freezer, just put the bag of batter in the fridge the night before and it should be perfectly thawed in the morning.

100 bags


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