Creamware Platters, Set of 6


Special Order, please allow three weeks.

Finding pretty, simple platters can be a challenge.  Many times platters are too bright white, or a little too modern - or adorned with something distracting.  These creamware platters are perfect. 

The smaller ones are perfect for side dishes or appetizers.  The medium sizes are great to make displays of desserts or for a cheese tray.  The large work great for the main course of a dinner party.  When we're entertaining, my favorite way to serve the main course is all on one platter with the beef, pork or chicken in the center, then piles of vegetables on each side - easy and beautiful.


Smallest : 11x7.25”
Small : 9x12”
Medium Rectangle : 9x13”
Rectangle : 10x15”
Scalloped Large : 12x15.5”
Large : 14x18"

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