If you've taken some time to browse around my store, you might notice that I love packaging and presentation... a little.   

My guess is that you probably do, too!

When I started this store (in 2013) I was packing and shipping everything myself from our guest room.  It quickly out grew my abilities, and I had to find some help.  Now, I have a crew of helpers that packages and ships all of my products using all of my stickers, ribbons, cello bags and labels.  They put so much care and precision into the packaging - just like I would do it myself.  

Fun Fact : Some of the items (like the Essential Bottles & French Tumbler Candles) I still package myself on my dining room table, because they are fairly complicated.

When you receive a package from Everyday Occasions, it will show up on your doorstep like this.  I want these packages to feel like a gift when they arrive to you!  All of the packaging items we use were picked with reusability and recyclability in mind.  We use a premium fold-over box for most shipments.  I love this box because it is great to reuse as a gift box or as a keepsake box.  If your order contains large or breakable items, it will be shipped in a box best suited for its handling.  

We use kraft krinkle as our cushion to keep the items safe for shipping.  It is great to reuse for gift baskets you create.   Again, if your items contain breakable items, we will use kraft paper or recycled pillows to protect them.


Finally, each packaged contains a note from me : )   This store is a very personal journey and effort for me, and I it is my hope that the shipments really do bring simplicity, joy, and brightness to your day.

Please let me know if you have any questions about our packaging or shipping. You can contact us

Jenny Steffens Hobick

Shipping Rates & FAQ : 

Minimum Shipping Rate : 

Our shipping rate is $8.50 for orders up to $50.  Shipping above for orders above $50 are on average 15% of the order.

International Shipping : 

Yes, we do ship internationally!  International shipping rate is calculated at checkout.