Large Medallion Planters, Set of 2, 1 Small + 1 Large


Please note, these Planters come as a Set of 1 Large & 1 Small, together.  Unfortunately, these planters are not sold individually or as pairs of the same size.  They come packaged, one inside the other, which makes them the most efficient to ship.  I have two sets - I use the small two on the front steps and the large two on my back porch.
Set includes : 
1 x Small = 14"W x 14"D x 18.5"T  (2 small pictured on my front steps)
1 x Large = 18"W x 18"D x 20"T (pictured with pansies)
They are made of reclaimed wood with a Medallion trim accent on each side.  The quality of these pieces is very impressive.  Mine have been outside since August and have faired well unprotected from the weather.  They do have a "weathered" finish, so they will age and patina even more the longer they are exposed to the elements.  You should expect irregularities with the planters - it is part of their charm! 

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