Robin's Egg Blue Enamelware

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Brought back by popular demand, a favorite from last summer's collection - Robin's Egg Blue Enamelware.  

Nothing says summer entertaining like enamelware - especially, in this perfect Robin's Egg (better known as Seaside around here) Blue color.  It is the perfect lightweight service-ware for using outdoors or on picnics.  Every time I use these, I love them even more. 

Each piece of Enamelware will hold its own characteristics and slight blemishes, due to its casual style.  Please see closeup photo for reference.

Appetizer/Dessert Plates, Set of 6.  

6” Round

This is the size of plate I use all of the time.  If we are having friends over and I set out an appetizer, these are the perfect size to hold a little nibble.  They also work great for cupcakes... or smores : )

Oval Platter with Handles


This platter is just the perfect size to display veggies from the grill, a big slab of brisket (shown here) or a long pound cake going down the center with whipped cream and berries piled around.  

Round Platter

14” Round

Last year I showed this large round platter with piles of fresh seafood, potatoes and corn - our favorite summer seafood boil.  The options are endless for this - even filled with chips and a bowl for guacamole would be perfect.

Bowls, Set of 2

Small 6.5” x 3”, Large 8” x 4"

Summer is made up of dips and sides and these two bowls are just the perfect thing.  They are two sizes, one slightly larger than the other.  


11” x 6"

This is fun for anything - especially a big pile of freshly washed berries.

Rectangle Platter with Handles

15” x 10"

Great for appetizers or a veggie platter.  This also is a great way to display rows of sliders, or cupcakes. 

Mini Dessert Pots

4” x 3” x 2"

The cutest thing for summer.  I use mine for small scoops of ice cream, or individual crumbles... also topped with ice cream.

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