Coeur a la Creme Mold

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This is one of my favorite products that I added two years ago when we were living with Mike's parents as we were redoing our house.


When I came downstairs a couple of weeks ago, Mike's Mom, Joy, had left

The Barefoot in Paris cookbook open to the Coeur a la Creme recipe with a note - "You should make for Valentine's Day!"  With a little research I found out where to buy them and thought it would make a great addition to my Valentine's Day products.  Not only does Ina have a recipe for the sweet, dessert Coeur a la Creme with sweetened cream cheese, vanilla beans and whipping cream served with a raspberry sauce, but she also has a savory appetizer recipe, as well.  

I love the idea of giving this Heart Shaped Mold as a gift, too, with some of the ingredients to make dessert... Vanilla Bean Paste ($12) and box of fresh raspberries.  Not only for Valentine's Day, this classic French recipe can be made anytime of the year, for any special occasion. 

I will share the Coeur a la Creme recipe later this week!

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