Le Pens + Tablet


This is the best little gift for yourself - a great way to get organized.

I'm crazy about lists.  To-do lists, grocery lists, shopping lists, etc.  Every week I write out a list of our menu for the week, each day I make a to-do list... and I have a running "errands" list for the week.  It helps me mentally organize myself. 

And how about those Le Pens!  They've been my favorite for years.  In college I used the navy, but now I'm a fan of the grey.  They are thin and elegant, with a tiny felt tip.  You may have seen them on Martha Stewart's desk.  She's also a huge fan.  In fact, she gave her design editor, Kevin Sharky, an entire case of these grey pens for his new office.

*For Valentine's Day I'm featuring this Light Pink color that has black ink.  It is a special Breast Cancer Awareness edition for Le Pen.

I had the tablets custom printed with a simple label-style header on a natural (just slightly creamy) cardstock.  That's right.  Cardstock.  I've never been able to find a to-list tablet made with cardstock, so I created it.  I love the heavier weight paper because when I tear it off to take the list with me, it doesn't get crumpled and messy.  It also works great for a last minute card or note attached to a gift.  I designed the size to fit perfectly as a label (similar to my wedding party welcome bag) for my medium cello bags... I'll show  you more examples in the future.

The set comes packaged in a Cello Bag with 1 tablet + 4 le pens for $12. 

Colors Left to Right :
Top : Olive Green, Lavender, Red, Privet Berry Blue

Bottom : Amethyst, Grey, Orchid Pink, Black

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